Why Choose Us

Attarctive Management Features
Historical Report

For a Institute it is important to manage the report of the academic years. This app provides you the historical report of last 3 academic year with latest one, to manage and handel the schools, student and faculty performance.

Analytical View

Analytical view gives the user more information in one view. According to the time, its gives you the information of all academic records in minimum view.

GPS Tracking

As the management of the schools, you must be thinking the security of the student till they reach their destination place. With the GPS tracking you can track each and every student and their bus till the time they reach their destination.

User Friendly

Now-a-days people are using different devices according to their requirement, we provide you a app which you can in any device to check the performance of your schools, faculties and events at any time.

Multi Language

We take care of the people of all locality, for that this app is being made to use all around the world for better understanding and performance checking.

RFID Based Tracking

To check the students status and performance through out the year tracking is made by using the RFID. RFID based track result gives the management easy to know about all the student at a time.

Online Exam

World is changed by using the digital elctronics instruments for saving time and to enhance the work performance. Using the online exam, not only saves the time of the faculty and management also gives the students more time to perform in better way.


Time is very important in this busy schedule, for saving time for each and every people connected with this app, provide alert on each and every event and result of the student.

Management, Faculty and Student views

For Management, its easy to handle the app by tracing the schools report, faculty performance and also student performance. Faculties can also enhance their skills and teaching way, by staying connect with Student Success. Students performance, their attendance, exam result gives the management and faculty a clear view of each student.

Special Features for Parents
Exam Alert

To the Parent alerts, are given about their child's education details.

GPS Tracking

Parent are connected to the Student Success app through their mobile and able to see their kid's bus location. With this facility without wasting their time, timely they can reach to stop and pick up their kid from bus stop.


Parents are informed school events from the school management in the Student Success App.

Student Performance

Parent can see their child performance using Student Success. Like, progress in the subjects performance, attendance.